About me


  My name is Alina Raileanu. I am a fellow human forced by life challenges to deepen the search for spiritual truths.

  My quest for answers began early for me. As a child my only gate to knowledge was by reading books and I kept doing that diligently throughout my entire life. It was a moment though when I realised that reading about knowledge doesn’t actually perform changes in your being and in your life.

  So I became interested in spiritual practices. I began by meditating on my own in the beginning, reading tones about what meditation is and how is done.

  I enrolled myself in various courses like Silva Mind Control which was mind blowing at the time and encouraged me to keep going with this type of training.

  Then I felt the urge to join other people interested in evolution in consciousness. It became obvious to me that humans can evolve only through the understanding of consciousness.

  So I joined the Transcendental Meditation organisation in the UK. I started by learning the Transcendental Meditation technique and then several Advanced Techniques they offer including the TM-Siddhi Program which they consider to be the most advanced training.

  Additionally I have always been a diligent follower of the teachings  of Teal Swan and Bentinho Massaro. They saved my life and it’s refreshing to discover that it is possible to distill knowledge from tradition and to bypass the guru practice.

  I have learnt and I am still learning from so many spiritual teachers. Lately I began to appreciate more the modern, contemporary ones like the who I mentioned above as well as Eckart Tolle, Mooji, Joe Dispenza etc.

  With so much information available – old and new – it made no sense to me to become exclusively “faithful” to just one of these teachers.

   I don’t believe in an ultimate teacher but I believe every teacher has something to teach you at a specific moment in your evolution journey. I am grateful to all of them. 

  The pursuit for knowledge is a never ending process. I am still on it but the better it gets the better it gets. The more you understand the more you need to know. The more you practice what you know the more different your life looks like.

  This website was born out of natural desire to share knowledge. If one reached a certain level of understanding, at some point sharing it one way or another is such a natural impulse that it feels selfish to ignore the impulse.