5D basics

Can you choose how you feel?

   Feelings create reality

  As most of you are probably aware of manifestation tools taught by various spiritual teachers, how you feel at your deepest level is crucial in the creation / manifestation process.We are not always aware of our true feelings.We create reality based on what we really feel, not what we pretend we feel.

  “Know thyself” actually means know how you feel and accept the reality of your feelings with the utmost sincerity.

   “Know thyself”first before being able to create your desired reality.Understand yourself first.Accept yourself just the way you are.We can only create/manifest in alignment with our soul starting from the truth.

  No matter how dark the truth, no matter how dark our feelings are, no matter how depressive / angry / frustrated / worried /   disappointed we might feel, we should admit and validate these feelings.And then we should understand precisely how we ended up like this.And then we can start working on it, we can start shifting.

  One of the basic laws of our universe is that if you want to create / manifest something you have to be a vibrational match to whatever is that you want to create / manifest.

  Being a vibrational match translates into feeling.For example: if you want to create / manifest financial freedom you need to be able to feel as if it already happened.Feeling what you desire to core of your being is the secret of manifestation.

  Not easy for us. Since birth, our minds were trained to obey not to create.

  It was a real breakthrough for me to learn that it’s in my power, to choose how I feel in a specific moment or in regards to anything. So, is it really in our power?

  Becoming conscious of the way we create reality

  It is definitely possible requires practice and determination in the beginning with the purpose of achieving mastery of a lesser or a higher degree.The effort is definitely worth it to say the least. Living a life requires to make efforts anyway.

  Why not investing our energy and focus on recalibrating our thought system so it can actually serve us more efficiently and with less unnecessary suffer and frustration?

  It is the most difficult thing to do in the beginning. This idea may sound as an absurdity even. There is logic behind any spiritual or universal law, a logic of a higher order though.

   How to shift to a desired feeling state

   How can we shift between different feeling states in an authentic manner without faking it? 

  The understanding of the “how it works” is always essential.

  If I feel sad that means my main focus is on something that makes me feel sad.I can change my focus or at least start working on that.

  We can take baby steps like finding those little things that makes us feel joy or comfort – anything as taking a walk, basking in the sun, listening to something inspiring, seeing a friend, going shopping, eating something, etc.This can work for anybody, we know that much about ourselves – what ordinary action we can take to start feeling some degree of joy or ease or comfort or even excitement.

  Try to do that without feeling guilty. We have the right and the responsibility to take care of our emotional state as long as it’s within reason and we don’t infringe upon other people’s well being.Self love is a difficult lesson to learn and integrate but I believe you’ve already done some work on yourself in this regard.

  Dwell in a high vibrational state 

  Now, the most difficult part it’s to maintain a higher vibrational state no matter the circumstances.It takes practice as with everything.Your commitment is your main element.We humans do not commit to this kind of practice due to the fact that we don’t understand what’s in stake, things can improve and change beyond belief once we commit to such a process.If it becomes a habit then  WOW..that’s mastery and you have unleashed your potential.

  It involves to be in a constant introspection, you are supervising your thought and feelings every minute, and little by little you are changing the software, new belief system is being installed and we accommodate it by being patient and very patient with ourselves.We don’t mind if we fail, we start again, it’s actually the game we are here to play.You will find it exciting once you get it.And then nothing can stop you.Awesomeness!

  Feel free, by all means, to use reinforcements – listen to your favorite teachings / teachers or maybe just some music that you really enjoy and raises your vibration. Or maybe read something that you know inspires you. Or play with a child, or do nothing if that’s what feels best in the moment.

  We are new to this so it is cumbersome when we are novices.So what? It’s worth it! For us personally, for everybody else around us and simultaneously for the collective.

   I greet you and I thank you for your efforts in any regards of personal expansion and self-mastery.

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