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Diet and human evolution

  Considering you are aware of the shift that,the entire human collective and our dear planet are going through as we speak,I dare to express some points of view related to diet.

  It is a controversial topic among spiritual circles,too.Is there such thing as a spiritual diet?Does it matter what I eat?Should I be judged for what I eat?Should I judge others for their dietary habbits?Are there any trustworthy dietary guidelines out there?

  Based on my own experience,as an individual who’s been obsessed with diet and cleansing in the last three years I came to some level of understanding I would like to share here.

   Diet and awakening

  Once you embarked yourself on the path of self-discovery / empowerment / awakening,your body will go through profound transformation.And they are more intense as you are more commited to a spiritual practice (meditation,yoga,personal development etc).You are being deconstructed and reconstructed on a celullar level and it’s an immense toll for the physical body.But this is what you signed up for as a prebirth intention.

  Consider the fact that a physical body has different needs depending on what frequency it’s vibrating at.That is why it makes no sense in judjging anybody regarding dietary lifestyle.The more you incorporate light in your body -literally – (through meditation,any form of spiritual practice,spending time in nature or simply unconsciously since we are all subject to the planetary and cosmic energetic influxes that are flooding the planet) the more clean your diet should become.Your body will ask for this if you only listened.

  Let me congratulate you for being brave enough to walk this path of awakening.We are all grateful to each of you for the job is not for the faint-hearted.It’s not easy to not feel comfortable in your body no matter what you eat.Listening to your body it’s a challenge at times.

  As a rule of thumb: Does my body want me to eat this?If the answer is yes,there is a follow up question:Does my body feel good while and after eating this?If the answer is yes,you are cooperating with your body,all is well.If your body craves for something but it doesn’t feel well once the food has been consumed,there is a disruption there that requires your attention.You are being guided by your own body and your own intuition.

  It is going to be a back and forth dance,don’t beat yourself up,you are doing the work,it’s not suppose to be smoothly.Why?Because what you came here for is just this.You are here to anchor higher,much higher frequencies in your body,hence on the planet.Pioneers were needed.It’s going to be easier for the next generations.It’s not easy for you,for us to struggle and to be stubborn enough,determined enough,brave enough to find healthy and real nurturing ,clean, high vibrational food options among a plethora of unhealthy,harmful,toxic,non-nurturing foods available.

  We’ve been living in a very dense and toxic environment physically,emotionally,psychologically,for centuries and we are at the peak of it,hence the call for change.

  You are here to start a serious and unprecedent process of cleansing.And the only way to purify the world is by purifying ourselves.

   When nothing works just pay attention

   Sometimes you feell like nothing works,and you will just indulge yourself in what we call junk,lavish foods – don’t put pressure on yourself,don’t hate yourself..take it as it is,do whatever resonates.Everything is allowed,really.But I can tell you,you will come back on the path of cleansing since you won’t have peace otherwise.Just pay attention to what your body tells you,to its reactions,analyze yourself from this perspective,too.Gather will get precious information just by paying attention to your body.

  It’s paramount to stay aware and it’s paramount not to judge yourselfor others.Be gentle with yourself but be honest,too.Recognize how you really feel in every moment.Ask yourself: Do I really want this? Am I really feel good eating this?Is my body comfortable with my choice? Even if you are making a “wrong choice”,be aware of it,register the information,you will use it in the future.

  Let’s talk some practicalities:I can only share my own experience since I’ve commited to be an authentic person no matter what.

  Going through the shift 

  My history from a diet perspective is briefly  the following:My body started to show detox symptoms out of nowhere in 2011 – 2012.I was not interested in cleansing / detoxing or anything like that.Around that time I started meditating and without me being aware of what was happening,I started to feel some rejection sensations in my body whenever I was eating high processed foods like for example chips/snacks..These sensations were perceived by me like needle pains in my throat.Very strange,but it forced me to pay attention.In a year time,being commited to a daily meditation practice I realised I was feeling nauseous whenever I was eating meat,and I was only eating chicken or white meat shouldn’t matter that much.In another year timeI was not able to eat eggs anymore and since I had started to do serious research on the awakening process and spirituality in general I decided to go vegetarian.I was a vegetarian for a year and then effortlessly I turned to a vegan diet.

  I thought that was it..I found the right thing to do now,I don’t have to worry about diet.It was quite exciting and it still is for me to discover new foods,to reeducate myself in this regard.But guess was not body was still under perpetuous transformation.

   I had to understand what healthy vegan is and I had to learn how to avoid unhealthy vegan choices.I am happy on a plant based diet but my body asks for lighter and ligher foods,raw,alive foods.I do indulge myself sometimes with unhealthy vegan stuff,but I am aware of the process and do the best I can to honor it.

  We are becoming butterflies,we’ve been caterpillars for so long that it will take time and effort to accept and complete the shift.

  Just do the best you can,do whatever makes you feel good,but beware you genuinely feel good ,not just in the moment but in the aftermath of eating and digesting,too.

  It is my conclusion that your state of consciousness dictates what your dietary needs are and not the other way around.

  In other words,if suddenly your eating habbits start to change,effortlessly,it’s because you are starting to vibrate at what we call higher frequencies,you are literally in a different state of consciousness and subsequently your physical body is changing its structure.

  Your physical body is trying to catch up with your new light body template and you will have no other choice but pay attention my friends.This is what you’re here for,it’s part of your life mission,it’s your soul’s purpose for this incarnation and you are not alone.

   Gratitude for your efforts!

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