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Don’t be afraid to feel negative emotions!

Fear of emotions

 Our major challenge as beings living in human bodies is to deal with emotions / feelings. Nobody actually fears positive emotions, although extreme positive emotions can be just as disruptive as extreme negative emotions.

 Emotions are just waves of energy. Waves – meaning they are meant to come and go, to move through your system. They will not move through unless you allow yourself to actually feel them. Once you feel them, wholeheartedly, they’ve done their job and they are ready to leave the system.

  If you numb yourself and choose to ignore that sadness, or that anger or that pain it will get stuck in your system and cause damage further along for many years, from generation to generation.

  We have been doing that for so much time. It’s what we have been told since childhood. It’s what we have been taught in schools. We have been doing that for so long that some of us have no idea how to actually feel. We sometimes struggle to identify what is the exact feeling we are experiencing in a certain moment in regards to a certain situation.

  What’s the point in feeling?

  Feelings/ emotions – they are meant to be our guiding system. They are supposed to be our navigation system in life but we have been forced to suppress it by society, educational systems and even by our families. Following your joy for example would’ve been largely unacceptable.

  People who are on the awakening path are starting to get in touch with their true feelings. It can be a painful process indeed but it’s so worth the effort. 

  How can we possibly know what we truly want and what direction would be best to follow when we don’t have have the courage to accept and recognise how we truly feel. It’s the starting point of anything in terms of personal development, personal expansion, living an authentic life, finding purpose and meaning etc.

     It’s almost like when you were a little child without so many filters and censorship. If it felt bad you cried or you were openly sad without trying to cover it. 

  Don’t be afraid to feel bad, or sad or disappointed. It’s OK. Feel it in your bones and you’ll see, as intense as it might be, it will be liberating in the end. It will pass through and it will go away. But not for nothing. Now you have been left with precious information about who you are, who you are not, what you want, what you don’t want, maybe new ideas can emerge out of this etc. It can take an hour, few hours, a day, few days, it may require to take some action like uncomfortable conversations or difficult decisions. It’s life in 3D, it’s being human and getting better at it.

  If you choose to numb yourself by denial or drugs or whatever else, it’s ok, too. Just be aware of the fact that you are sweeping the garbage under the rug.

  Be your own hero and start feeling without fearing!

 There is another aspect it should be touched upon – the ancient teachings, Vedic, Buddhist or  any Eastern knowledge very precious for any spiritual seeker pose that we should not identify with our feelings which is mostly understood as to ignore our feelings.

  Allow me a bit more modern perspective just in terms of terminology not in terms of essence: either you are enlightened or not,  you are functioning in a human form. You are subject to feeling, sleeping, eating, desiring etc. Having reached a certain level of evolution in consciousness it means you are aware of yourself existing on many levels in the same time. You are aware of you being a human but you are aware of you being a lot more than that. You still have to feel..but it’s very different when you are able to hold a higher perspective, you are actually witnessing your pain / happiness / sadness understanding exactly why and how it’s happening.  

  Running away of feeling negative emotions is like procrastinating cleaning your house. You have to sort out your clutter in order to have clear vision. Feel them and understand their message – it takes more courage than going to war but it can be done and it is so worth it! 

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