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Is sex overrated?

   Actually could say it’s underrated, usually unexplored to it’s full capacity. Which is unfortunate and this matter deserves some consideration. We see ourselves as the most evolved species on Earth yet the way we have sex is mostly the same as animals do it. But why? And do we know what we’re missing? 

  Let’s consider the chakra system as the skeleton of our subtle body. As a premise, an individual can function primarily from one of these centres, depending on what level of consciousness he’s on.

  Fear of intimacy

  When two individuals engage in sexual intercourse, hopefully they drop the fears and choose to expose themselves without worrying for consequences, for the sake of having a transcendental experience. But that doesn’t really happen, isn’t it? To be in complete intimacy with another self freaks us out, it’s literally terrifying.


  People are in different stages in their evolution but attraction can happen regardless. And it happens for the very purpose of making us more aware of aspects of us that we are oblivious of. So, let’s say we have two individuals quite different in the way they share and radiate energy.  Maybe one of them functions primarily from the heart chakra and the other one functions primarily from the red chakra ( root chakra). Their encounter ends up as a disaster whether they will admit it or not. They will only be able to merge on a very basic, strictly sexual level.That doesn’t bring much satisfaction, especially when the expectations are higher.The heart chakra based individual was ready to give so much more but there was no counterpart to receive.

  Compatible but not ready

  True intimacy builds up in time and with infinite patience. We all carry emotional luggage and we all want to heal if we only knew how and if we only dropped the by one. And this is a process to be cherished since it’s a delicate journey.Two individuals can heal together and their sexual intercourse levels up gradually and only Gods know if there’s a limit to this.

  What’s on the other side?

  That depends on what you are looking for. If basic sex it’s what you need, that’s easy to get. But we are meant to pursue more and sometimes we hardly realise that we are not as satisfied as we thought we are.

  The more intimate the more ecstatic and unfathomable the experience becomes. If the merge happens involving the higher chakras it’s going to be beyond comprehension, more like going through portals.

  Sex is power they say. Why? Because it’s based on the very desire of merging with infinity. To go back to oneness. We merge with other self first, we purify intentions, emotions, we open our hearts completely, we allow fusion on all levels. Merging complete, dissolve in infinity – another path to enlightenment.Not an easier one, though.

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