5D basics

Is there romance in 5D?..not the way you know it!

  My dear cohabitants on this planet, this is for you who struggle with awakening symptoms, you who are desperate to know who you are and what you’re here for, you who are going through the agony of being reborn, you who are aware of the shift into a higher state of consciousness as an individual and as a collective.

  Romance as a spiritual challenge

  We are being challenged my friends, big time!There is no way we can perpetuate the same relationship templates into the new human evolutionary stage – what we call 5D or the New Earth or the New Age or whatever else name resonates with you.

  It’s time for us who are awakened to a higher or a lesser degree to be brave enough and to admit that it’s time for innovation in this precious and meaningful aspect of our human lives.

  Are you truly ready for this?It is not easy at all, debris of the old and deeply engrained ego structures are coming to the surface for the confrontation of the centuries!

  Two awakened souls who are going to respond to the magnetism between them will find themselves in an unprecedented confusion.They are in love but they are not willing to follow the behavioural patterns in place for centuries.They want to love but they don’t know how.They want to love and to be free.They want to love and stay empowered.They want to love but they are afraid of going back to being stuck in a restrictive societal construct.They want to love but they need their freedom to continue on the path of self-discovery and spiritual mastery.What can they do?

  It’s because of this conundrum that they will resist the magnetism, then they will surrender it, then they will resist it and then surrender it again..

  Some can play this game for a while but eventually, someone who is committed to becoming more and more aware and conscious, will audaciously analyze and scan their psyche of old believes and value systems which are now obsolete.

  The game changers

  You will fall in love my friend, but you will not loose yourself in that love and you will not suppress aspects of you for the sake of the person you love, you will not give up spending time with yourself because of the person you love, you will not control the person you love, you will accept total freedom for both of you.You can definitely do it and feel comfortable about it!

  In the beginning it might feel tricky.You might be thinking – “maybe I am not evolved enough”!Yes, you are!Think again!You will feel such a sweet liberation once you realize how entrapped we lived so far and how natural it is to just offer space for whatever the other needs. Needs that you cannot meet.

  Go meet your own needs, he or she will never be able to provide for everything. It’s your responsibility to take care of that, to stay happy and fulfilled.Do not think that the amount of time spent together is the most relevant for the quality of your relationship.

  We have to get used to living in quantum time /space not liniar. There is a huge amount of spiritual work we are here to do.Most of us were able to do it being on our own, in solitude, in our own private bubble.If love comes your way, if romance, irresistible sexual attraction comes your way, it’s not a distraction, it’s an experience you scheduled for yourself because you need it.And because it’s fun and beautiful, too.Since you are a human, you might as well enjoy the awesome aspects of it.

  Love and freedom – we can have both

  That’s the new romance template in 5D – total freedom for both partners.If that is the premise or the mindset based on which a relationship is built, that provides some level of comfort and trust.( Some people who are in a romantic relationship are ready to accept even sexual freedom, however that depends on both partners sharing the same perspective.)

  In practicality, most likely none of them will take advantage of the”total freedom”.If there is a genuine love and connection, it comes natural to always consider and prioritize your partner’s feelings and best interests.

  This kind of dinamic is suppose to happen between two evolved and highly aware conscious individuals who are constantly doing work on themselves.

   I love you, and because of that, I can’t stand seeing you unhappy, bored or having regrets. So, because I love you, I’m fine with whatever makes you happy and I know you want the same for me.I will not restrict you in any way, you will be the one who who will impose any restrictions or limits on yourself based on your own judgement.

  Two partners capable of this kind of love will no way harm each other willfully; on the contrary they will always consider the other in such a way that love will be expressed in new, unprecedented manners, the feeling will be so deep but so subtle, you will become more telepathic with one another, your energy bodies will interact intensely even when you won’t be touching each other, words will not be needed sometimes for you will create a complete new, cutting-edge type of relationship.

  It’s not going to be easy..but it’s going to be sooooo exciting and you will feel this sense of greatness, you are adding value to humanity and its struggle to evolve into a lighter state of being, you are the pioneers of the New Age  – we learn new ways to be ,to love, to act and to genuinely accept the other as a part of ourselves.We have to redefine love my friends.

  Love shouldn’t feel like constraint, love will be there in your life to enhance your evolutionary process, you will find a more exquisite type of emotional challenge if you want (because you will never be exempt of challenges), it’s the next level in this game of romance.

  This is where we are heading to.

  We will have less of “Where have you been?Why didn’t you call me” and more of giving space without having doubts all the time or being worried all the time.We will enjoy the conversations with or without words, we will enjoy the time spent together without doing the math of it.We create the necessary comfort so we can freely speak our mind and hearts.

  We will have more of “He knows how I feel without me having to tell him” or ” She didn’t ask me why I’m late even though she’s cooked for me.She just smiled at me saying hello.”

  Not to be understood that communication looses ground, absolutely not, communication is and will be a most crucial and essential element in relationships, but it will be deepened and peculiar at times, you will activate new communication channels as a consequence of two highly attuned bodies coming together attempting an ascended union and succeding eventually after doing the necessary work.

  So many of us were or are afraid or just not interested in having a relationship anymore due to the outdated layouts existing in our society now.Don’t you feel it’s time to create new layouts?Somebody has to do it first, it’s how it works.We are the system busters..let’s just do it!It’s not going to be perfect, it requires lots of trial and errors but you are trained now, you did most of the work you had to do on yourself, you are ready for this.

  We need to be brave enough to start creating new templates!

  We are not falling in love anymore, we are now raising in love.

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