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Love as a corrupted file

  I am going to dare an analysis of the concept of Love and I’m going to state that we don’t truly understand this principle of creation. And because we don’t truly get it, we’ve distorted it. We’ve assigned limited meanings to this generic word – Love – that we use to express different things which  are mere aspects/facets of a principle.

  My intention is not to be judgemental, my intention is to zoom out of the human perspective as much as I am capable of. I have that much of awareness to notice that we made a mess out of this basic governing principle of our universe.

  But how could we not? We have been born in flesh and “forced” to deal with having a mind and a feeling system. And we are now waking up to the spirit component of our identity. It’s a lot to manage in such a restrictive but complex configuration.

  Love as a principle versus love as a feeling

  The Love principle is (from the highest perspective available to us) and trying to use the available vocabulary – permission / oneness / acceptance / the ability to allow everything to just be or to be experienced.

  What did we humans do? And it’s not to be blamed, it’s to be understood and to have compassion for ourselves.

  We used this Love word to express romantic love, parental love, the love for friends, the love for nature, the love for coffee, you name it. I dare to say, that in most cases these “little”aspects of love are often times simply emotional transactions. In any of the above mentioned love relationships we engage in, there is an exchange of some sort, both parties have/expect something to gain.

  I love my partner because I get company / appreciation /sex /status / affection etc. My partner loves me because it gets some of these things in return, also.

  I love my children because they give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment in life.

  I love my parents because I owe them my upbringing.

  I love my friends because they satisfy my social needs, my need of belonging etc.

  We can do this kind of reasoning for anything we are in a relationship with.

  And again, this is not to be judgemental, this is an investigation of the Love principle. What is love? Have you ever asked yourself that?

  What is love? 

  It’s an attempt to get closer to God. God is Oneness, we are fractals of it. It’s an attempt of the fractal to trace back to the whole.

   The degree of separation from Source / God / Oneness / Whole is so high that we are blindly and desperately trying to figure out what we are and how can we be happy / fulfilled / satisfied.

  So let’s have some understanding for the lost fractal who often doesn’t even know it’s a fractal, luckily if it knows it’s a particle of God.

  If you are far away from home, what do you do when you feel homesick? You bake a cake you used to eat back home, you watch a TV channel you used to watch back home;does it make you feel like you are home? Not really, but it helps. 

  It’s what we do with those little loves, trying to trace back the big Love.

   What is Love?

  It’s the fundamental principle of Creation. Everything exists out of Love. Everything, and I mean everything, even the most obnoxious thing / creature  /idea is allowed to exist out of Love.

   It’s an all pervasive background of existence (material and beyond). All is allowed to be, to create, to move, to transform, to evolve. 

  Universes and dimensions, laws, patterns, creations are permitted because of the All Mighty Love principle.

  Can we humans comprehend or replicate that kind of Love?

   From love to Love

  We cannot replicate that, but we are doomed to keep trying and to become better and better at it.That’s the journey of evolution from human to a better human to  metahuman and beyond.

  As we learn more of what and who we are, we expand our capacity to understand, to feel and to actually love.   

   How do we know we evolve in our love capacity? We feel less and less the need to judge people or situations. It makes sense.When you understand a person or a situation, you don’t feel the need to judge it anymore.

  Reassess and fine-tune your concept of love

  Shouldn’t we exhibit some humbleness when it comes to declaring how loving we are, how all our action are rooted in love? Do we understand the purity of this lofty principle of Love?

  Are we capable of loving / accepting / allowing everything or everybody that presents a challenge, a  trigger of some sort in our lives? Are we willing at least to try to understand why a perpetrator became a perpetrator, why someone chooses to act in a selfish way, why a person develops an extremely aggressive personality etc? 

 Are we willing to accept that there is some reason / plan / purpose beyond any atrocity whether it’s a murder, child abuse, war, crimes against humanity etc?

  It may sound counter intuitive but we can still pursue our dream of fixing the world even when we have shifted to this broader perspective. It will just happen in different, probably more subtle ways. Performing change will now use a different algorithm, with less ego involved and much more effective.

  It’s our journey of evolution and it’s so worth the effort!

  So my friends..

  Love and evolve! 

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One little word yet so widely used and one could say abused. I love the Universe, I love its continual destruction and construction. Here on Earth there is the same destruction and destruction, it is all around. Nature could be conceived as cruel but only if you do not understand that out of death comes life. Out of darkness cones the light.

Light is love for love is seeing is SEEING and with seeing comes the feeling and with the feeling, comes the STRENGTH.

LOVE, love, love because it is the strength of God, the source of all LOVE.

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