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Magnetism – I feel an urge to do this but should I?

  Magnetism – Attraction – Urge 

  What makes our lives truly interesting is to actually respond or follow our attractions. Attraction to people, attraction to do certain things, attraction to learn, study, research.

  Sometimes we question our magnetism to involve into actions and relationships sometimes we don’t.

  This is for people who don’t usually act on impulse. Those of us who usually do a lot of introspection and self-inquiry. 

   There are levels of how intense an urge to get involved into something can be. If the attraction is not so strong and overwhelming, well the Universe is playing easy on us. We can peacefully think it through and make a decision.

   The Universe is playing hard

  So we end up with very strong feelings and unquestionable magnetism towards certain actions or people or even things. At this point it doesn’t even matter that much what our gut tells us.

  Even if you have a bad feeling about it, even if there are no rational reasons to expect a good outcome, even if you trust a good outcome against the odds, why is this happening?

  What’s the point of this scenario? Why is the Universe setting us up like this? It feels like it’s pushing us to do something no matter what. It’s exactly what this is.

   It’s a set up

  The Universe which is ultimately your extended self decides to put things in motion for you. It makes use of this feeling of urge-magnetism-attraction. It forces you to get out of the comfort zone and do something that serves your evolution.

  You’re not sure of the outcome? You think the stakes are high? You think it’s risky? You think you could get burnt? That might happen. So what? It doesn’t even matter. The point is to go through it. The point is the process of taking the challenge. There is most likely a lot to learn from it. It will most likely serve your personal expansion. In the long rung it’s a building block to your personal evolution.

   It might be a good outcome. It might be an outcome that you have not expected. It might cause a breakthrough in your consciousness. It might lead to different directions you have never considered before.

   No regrets

   Be easy on yourself, don’t think back only to have a remorse and regret the decision . You made a decision based on what information you had at the moment. You did the best you could with what you had. Having regrets it’s a waste of energy. It doesn’t serve expansion, it only causes contraction in your energetic field.

  Let things flow. Good things, bad things. What matters is the flow. Don’t get stuck. Be open to life and live. Follow your attractions. Question your attractions.

   Whenever you find it difficult to make a decision you can ask yourself:

  If I died tomorrow, would I regret doing or not doing this?y

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