Meditation Portal

Do you have a genuine desire to learn meditation?

I have a genuine desire to teach you.

There is a need to teach and a need to learn.And there is tremendous growth happening in this process simultaneously on both sides.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the process through which we quiet down our body-mind functions by not focusing on them.

We are used to use a form of prayer to make contact with Divinity.Meditation is a much faster and direct way to do that.

Is it difficult to meditate?

Most people find it difficult to meditate in the beginning.It was out of people’s ordinary habits in the western world.It’s a new type of behaviour hence the difficulty in accepting it.

What can be achieved through meditation?

1.A deep and profound rest of the neurological system, at least as  rejuvenating as a deep sleep.

2.Literally increases the light quotient in the human body.We can sense that by feeling lighter and having a sense of clarity in our heads.

3.It’s the fastest way to improve our intuitive skills, our sensitivity in general.People are having a variety of spiritual experiences, anything is possible in a meditation.

4.By meditating you are exposing your system to the light of your own Soul.As a result of that profound transformations are going to take place in the body-mind system.

5.We become centred, more confident, smarter, younger.We will find it more and more difficult to go against our truth, more and more difficult not to live from the heart.

6.Through meditation we are literally getting closer to God.

How can we actually meditate?

 Various methods have been developed especially in the East; one should feel free to experiment with the method he feels drawn to.

  My approach in this regard is that not everybody can meditate in the same way.And the right question is not how to meditate but what is meditation and where am I going when I meditate?

  If  we have a “map” of our inside world, it’s going to be easier to design an itinerary.We don’t all travel the same way but the destination is the same.