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Meditation – What is it ?Who is it for?

   What is meditation?

   Meditation is the process through which we quiet down our body-mind functions by not focusing on them.

  For what purpose would one do that? For the purpose of getting closer to one’s Soul ,to God, to the eternal part of you.

  Is it possible to ignore your own thoughts? Your own sensory perceptions, your own body? Yes, it is possible if you understand what you are or what kind of structure your being has.

  You are a body-mind-spirit complex.Yes, you are a very sophisticated entity and your existence happens on many levels which you are not aware of mostly.

  Being fully focused on a physical existence we tend to believe that this is all there is.

  It’s a matter of choice if an individual wants to change focus and wants to go beyond the physical looking for answers or not.Some people are not interested in metaphysical matters, they are happy just living their lives the way they happen.

  But some people want to know what’s beyond all this that we call life.And these people have been usually shaken by challenging experiences.Unfortunately we need to suffer first and then we start to wake up and look for answers.

  So let’s try again: What is meditation?

  It’s a process.One deliberately engages in this process and one gently decides to ignore the fact that one has a body, that one has thoughts.We decide to gently ignore everything.

  So what’s left once you ignore and you don’t focus on your physicality and thoughts?

  That’s the thing.Something is still there.It’s like a presence, an expanded awareness.No shape or form necessarily, it’s more like a state, a feeling of spaciousness.There is power in that state.Ideally you let yourself engulfed in it, overwhelmed by it.

  In the beginning you hardly notice it but if you let go in it you will experience a new state of being.It may feel like being one with everything .It may feel like profound freedom, it may feel like all kinds of things.People have different kinds of experiences.

  So what? What’s the point?

  The point is to expose your system to that state.It works like being exposed to a kind of radiation.That radiation – which is actually the light of your own Soul – will start performing changes in your system (physical/mental/emotional).

   What kind of changes?It’s a complex topic but in short you will begin to recalibrate your life, your body ,your mind, in alignment with the truth of you are.

   Anybody can meditate? 

   Yes, if there is a strong and sincere desire for it.It does require stamina and determination because in the beginning it feels like it’s the most difficult thing.As with everything, mastery comes with training and practice.An established routine is recommended especially for beginners.

   Not everybody is ready for a still and silent meditation.

   Some people can meditate while doing gardening, or while watching the waves on the beach.There is such thing as dinamic meditation also.

    Meditation techniques

   There is a plethora of meditation techniques out there, you should go with what you resonate with.

   One can meditate without using a technique, too.It’s a case by case situation.

   I dare to say that if you understand what mediation is, the method will present itself to you.You will gravitate towards what you need specifically. Count on your intuition and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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