Learn Meditation – One Month Online Course


What happens once I close my eyes?Where do I go? Can I really stop thinking? How do I reach a meditative state?Is it normal to fall asleep during meditation? Am I suppose to see lights? Do I need a mantra? Why do I feel lightheaded?

Before even start the practice of meditation we need to clarify and understand this essential skill.You need a reliable personal tool, always available, for the challenging times we are facing now.

This program is for those who feel an urge to master the skill of meditation and understand intuitively or intellectually that they need to make it a priority.

During an extended support period  – 30 days :

  • I will help you understand the mechanism of it; we will chart the uncharted territory of the inner world.
  • I will guide you through this process and help you integrate meditation in your daily routine.
  • I will expose and explain symptoms and effects of this highly transformative practice.
  • We will meditate together daily and we will discuss intriguing aspects as well as peculiar experiences.
  • Extended support is needed to confidently persevere until meditating becomes as natural as brushing your teeth.

See you soon!



We will find together the easiest way for you to quiet your mind and reach the balanced centre of your being.

That will be your secure spot that will generate flow and inspiration in your life.

You will know in time that the balanced centre of your being is your most precious and reliable asset, always available and an unlimited resource.

Are you determined to upgrade yourself?


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