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Self Love vs Being Selfish Why do we struggle with Self-Love concept?

You can only have compassion for yourSELF, for the God spark in you who is courageously going through a non-God experience. And this is not smooth or easy on any level nor it’s suppose to be.

As critical SELF-LOVE is for a human to thrive as misunderstood this concept is.

But bare in mind, when you will learn to truly, genuinely and unconditionally love and care for yourself it’s when life truly begins!

To understand SELF-LOVE though, it’s not easy. 

Why? Because we need to understand the SELF and we need to figure out LOVE.

What is the SELF ?

How can one love its own SELF when there is no sense of SELF? When we refer to our own persona we usually refer to what we do, what we have accomplished or what haven’t accomplished, what we think, what we feel, what we are in raport with others. We perceive ourselves as all these reflections of the SELF but we don’t perceive the SELF itself.

When we say: I am, I eat, I have a body, I have a mind, I have feelings, I have a headache, I like you, I am depressed, I learn, I think, I love…the I is the SELF and it’s not perceivable in the beginning.

The I is the SELF and it’s the GOD spark in you, and it’s not what you do or what you are in society or what you think or feel. It’s literally the GOD in you who descended in this body and is having an experience as a human.

And no matter what the experience is, it’s still the GOD spark, and when one has this awareness everything shifts.

What is the LOVE ?

You can only have compassion for yourSELF, for the God spark in you who is courageously going through a non-God experience. And this is not smooth or easy on any level, nor it’s suppose to be.

So you would care for the yourSELF as you would care for a child who is learning…everything about life. You would be patient and gentle with yourSELF but you would also make sure the SELF is learning. You would not judge yourSELF, but you would do your best to understand yourSELF, your subconscious behavior, your suppressed traumas, your suppressed desires, your undiscovered skills.

You can only embark yourself on a journey to the SELF by using whatever spiritual practice or self-help practice or personal development practice you feel drawn to. Meditation can speed up the process significantly.

SELF-LOVE is respecting the divinity in you.

SELF-LOVE is accepting the most horrific part of you with compassion and desire to improve.

SELF-LOVE is accepting that being human is challenging and whatever happened or happens or will happen is like your Soul ( which is the God Spark) comes down as an AVATAR (which is the human being) and is playing a complex video game (which is life)  for the sake of learning and expansion.

But how exactly do we develop SELF-LOVE?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Understand you cannot give on empty!
  • Prioritize your Soul, introduce “me time” in your daily schedule.
  • Start doing things that you truly enjoy doing, just for the sake of feeling good. Feeling good without feeling guilty for feeling good.
  • If you think you have to sacrifice or exhaust yourself it only works on short term, in the long term some part of you will collapse. For short period of time do it if it’s really worth it. But take time after that to replenish yourself.
  • Drop any kind of judgement either to yourself or others. Replace judgement with the desire to understand – yourself and others.
  • Understand the root of any action, feeling, thought or desire before judging it.
  • Don’t think you can start loving yourself without understanding why.
  • Everything needs to make sense to your mind and your heart as well in order to be able to apply that in your life.
  • If you are someone with low self-esteem or someone who neglected themselves for a long time you can start by being selfish, it’s ok.

Once we understand the SELF and what we really are, being selfish is not even possible, respect for the SELF is what replaces selfishness.

Fear is at the base of being selfish usually. But this fades away when the light of Self starts to shine, when we discover the reality and the complexity of what we are and what we can become.

Start developing self-love as a genuine belief and consequently the feeling of unworthiness will stop making sense and from there on, there are no limits!

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