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Vaccines or not vaccines? Is that the real question?

  Reality snapshot

  If you have a pandemic or even less than that; when it comes to virus infection especially on a larger scale the first point of focus for research and development should be the immune system.

  It should be about the immune system

  Media should scream out loud about how to boost the immune system.National Health Systems should talk and advertise that 24/7.

  Nobody talks about it.It’s not a national interest to educate and encourage people to take control of their bodies.

  90% of the supermarket food is literally killing the immune system of a human.Most people are not even aware of that.Enough people are aware but they don’t have the strength to switch to a healthier life style.Of course they don’t.It’s not easy.It’s time consuming, it requires personal research to become familiar with new products, new stores, new cooking style.

  If we only we had the awareness that we don’t know what actually means to feed our bodies with what they really need.

  If we only had the awareness that it’s not about the doctors anymore,it’s not about pharmaceutical industry anymore – it’s about understanding that we have to start from scratch.We completely lack proper education in terms of nutrition and self-care. 

  To educate and encourage the population about the basic nutrition and self-care guidelines was never a priority for any government. On the contrary, we are being led to self- destruction.

  What does healthy eating even means?

  This has become more and more obvious – illness has been rampant for decades,children are literally overwhelmed by the toxicity of our environment and life-style since birth.They are forced to deal with allergies,lack of the ability to sleep, autism and so many other issues of all kinds.

  Let’s just consider nutrition and food habits. Do you think you know what eating healthy means? Think again. You might be surprised to know  that you have never been told by anybody ( be it parents,teachers,magazines,TV) about some very basic guidelines.For example:

  – fruits and vegetables work as medicine for your body as long as they are being consumed on their own, as raw and organic as possible.If you associate them with fats or processed foods they loose their healing properties and it’s only about adding taste not value to your dish.

  – fruits should be consumed on their own, few hours distance to any any other meals or snacks. Otherwise they can’t be properly digested and rot in the intestines.

 – protein and carbohydrates are not to be consumed together – that results in bloating, gas, malabsorption, energy drain and much more.

  Considering just the last point above, the mainstream food style,what 90% or more of the population usually eats is exactly the opposite – we combine meat, milk, nuts with pasta,bread,cereals,flour.

  Burgers, fries with meats, fries with burgers, potatoes with meat, bread with anything possible, rice with meat..these are omnipresent kind of food combination in our life.

  The better it gets, the better it gets!

  To educate yourself in this regard indeed requires time and energy but there’s no other choice. It’s true that we start investing in self-care the moment we got sick or someone dear to us gets sick. And since more and more people are facing health issues like chronic illness or just something annoying like a compromised digestion,they start paying attention, and not to what they eat only but to everything else they use and consume like toiletries for example or washing powders/liquids, cosmetics. 

  They start to slowly shift to a less toxic life-style and consequently they force the industries to also shift and start manufacturing to respond to a new demand on the market.

  It’s not just about you, it’s about your children, too.It’s about the environment, too.Your state of health affects your baby’s state of health since conception.We also inherited for example sluggish livers from our parents and this builds up from generation to generation.

  We can start with small steps or big steps and the better it gets the better it gets. Hence we wouldn’t die so easily because of a virus or because of the fear of the virus.

  All the best!

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