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What does it mean to evolve as a human being?

  Evolution in our world is often associated with technology and AI. In spite of technological advancements though, the individual doesn’t seem to grow in content and fulfillment on an emotional level.The individual seems to fight depression, unworthiness, high level of stress and insecurity no matter how “developed” the society he lives in is.

  Evolution as a inner process first

  But do we understand what evolution is? Let’s consider as a premise the energetic configuration of the human body. It is common knowledge by now that our bodies are structured around several major energy centres we call chakras. 

 In an individual some of these centres are more activated than  others. But one’s level of consciousness can be established according to which is the predominant energy centre that governs one’s existence.

  In other words, a human is more evolved the higher is the energy centre that governs his/her life.

   The current paradigm shift

   Humanity is now at a crossroad.We are shifting from living predominantly from the lower level chakras (survival, basic sex, security / insecurity, emotional turmoil) to living from the heart.It is a huge evolutionary leap.We are struggling to balance the lower chakras in order to confidently allow the heart energy to take over.

  It is a disrupting and traumatising process. It is a collapse of a world and the birth of a new one. Our society, our institutions, our money systems had been generated and created based on low level energy patterns.

   Any possible change will only become reality if a profound transformation happens in the individual first.Governments and institutions are a consequence/result of our ignorance.

  It is and has been possible for individuals with the upper chakras highly active to operate in our society mainly governed from the solar plexus chakra or lower.Their lives may have seemed hard, having been misunderstood or considered unable to adapt to the world.(Like someone of a very altruistic nature living in a capitalistic world where nothing is for free.)

  More and more individuals are now in the process of awakening.They are starting to activate their higher centres unconsciously in the beginning and than becoming conscious of the process.The more this happens the more the world as it is will become unbearable to them so they will force change and transformation one way or another. It is happening as we speak.It is happening to you, too, whether you are aware of it or not.

  So, to be evolved as a human being has nothing to do sometimes with the societal standards.It has to do with the universal laws and principles – Love /Light/Oneness/ or what we call God.

  How can we initiate change?

  We are here to experience life.The time has come to be brave.Brave enough to break the patterns and allow ourselves to live differently by opening up to new perspectives.

  It is worth being authentic, it is worth putting effort in understanding our heart, it is worth choosing not to live under pressure 24/7. It is worth asking difficult questions, it is worth being brutally honest and admit to what truly gives us satisfaction and what not. It is worth going against the current. It is worth investing in personal development. It is worth prioritising our well-being and health. 

  In the large scheme of things what could be more exciting than experiencing life in unprecedented manners? It is the very purpose of existence.Any life experience no matter how ordinary can be perceived / lived differently based on what energy centre / chakra we are experiencing it through.

   Le’s give an opportunity to our heart / throat / crown chakras to open up and exhibit their magic – our magic!


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